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My Bigfoot Sighting is a different kind of Bigfoot show. It’s different in a way that we think you’ll love. That’s because, on our show, you’ll never hear a host asking guests questions or narrating encounters. Actually, you won’t hear a host, at all. After the intro, the only thing you’ll hear is eyewitnesses sharing the details of their Bigfoot sightings and encounters. The sightings and encounters you’ll hear aren’t creepypastas, either. They really happened. There’s obviously nothing wrong with shows that interview eyewitnesses and/or narrate listener-submitted encounters.


We just prefer to let our guests share their experiences in a straight to the point, uninterrupted fashion. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Listening to My Bigfoot Sighting is a lot like sitting around a campfire, listening to speakers tell you about their real Bigfoot sightings and encounters. If you’ve had a Bigfoot sighting and would like to be a guest on the show, please contact us by clicking here. To be a guest, you must have had, at least, one sighting, though. That’s a requirement.

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All About Bigfoot Sightings

The 1st Bigfoot Sighting

The 1st reported sighting of a Bigfoot was logged by the Norse explorer Lief Erikson, in 986 AD. After arriving in North America, he wrote in his journals about encountering a type of people who he described in his journals as being hairy, swarthy, and with great black eyes. He also said that they emitted unearthly howls.

Native Americans and Bigfoot Sightings

While their existence surprised Lief, Native Americans had been coexisting with Bigfoot for years. Most Native American tribes have stories in their oral traditions about them. In fact, for some tribes, particularly those in the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot plays a big part in their lore and legends.

Bigfoot is Born

Moving forward in time; one morning, in August 1958, in Northern California, a bulldozer operator, for a logging company, named Jerry Crew, found giant, manlike footprints, around his bulldozer, pressed deeply into the dirt. Jerry brought the prints to the attention of his co-workers. His coworkers started calling the individual, who had left those prints, “Bigfoot,” after seeing the prints. The name Bigfoot stuck and the rest is history.

Bigfoot on Film

9 years after Jerry Crew discovered those prints, around his bulldozer, in October 1967, a former rodeo rider, named Roger Patterson and a very experienced outdoorsman, named Bob Gimlin, set out on horses, into the Bluff Creek drainage, about 50 miles north of Willow Creek, in Northern California. They set out in hopes of catching a Bigfoot on film. Little did they know, that’s exactly what they were about to do. As the 2 men neared a sandbar, Roger and Bob suddenly saw a female Sasquatch moving from left to right, walking across the sandbar. Startled by the Sasquatch’s sudden appearance, Roger’s horse reared and caused both rider and horse to fall to the ground. Roger grabbed the 16 mm camera he had brought along out of his saddlebag. He then ran toward the creature and started filming. The rest is history.

The Patterson-Gimlin Film

There are several facts surrounding the film that make a very good case for its authenticity. The most compelling proof of its authenticity is Patty. Patty was the name given to the female Bigfoot in the film. If Patty wasn’t really a Bigfoot, but rather a man in a suit, what happened to the suit, and who created the suit? Experts in Hollywood stated that they would have been unable to make a suit that was sophisticated enough to replicate the subject seen in the film. Pendulous breasts and rippling muscles can be clearly seen, on Patty, in the film. That’s, by far and away, the most difficult thing to explain. If Patty wasn’t a real Sasquatch, but rather a man in a suit, where did the suit come from?

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